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A small number of Gigantic Companies own most of the media. All content that you see on tv, hear on the radio, and read in the newspapers is controlled by them. The public owns the airwaves, so shouldn't media sevre the greater good?



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Democracy Now
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Rhandi Rhodes
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NYC is Falling Down


Bill Moyers Bill Moyers
Excellence in journalism - the last great muckraker

Michael More moore

Great Documentaries, TV series, and Books

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Frontline - PBS news magazine

News Hound - "we watch fox so you don't have to."


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Daily Show

who knew fake news was so informative

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pokes fun at conservative pundits

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Huffington Post
up to date online news magazine with articles, blog links, pictures and video

good reporting on all topics - a lot of stuff you won't find other places

The Nation


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Act Now to Stop War and End Racism
United For Peace and Justice
Stop War On Iran
Troops Out Now
Code Pink
Grandmothers for Peace


Be an informed voter - We have to stop choosing our presidents by the way the look and how good their ads are. It's not working well for us. For Democracy to work, we need an informed public.

On The Issues
League of Women Voters

Human Rights

Bill of Rights
Forbidden Library - banned books
Amnesty International

National Coalition Against Censorship
Free the Slaves
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Help for the Needy

Doctors Without Boarders
Global Fund for Women
Big Brothers Big Sisters
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The Meatrix
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US Constitution
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